Telia Fennerson

2015 AdTelia Fennerson is a fitness coach, nutritionist and entrepreneur, and has worked with elite athletes to push them into top performance. She is a certified personal trainer through International Sports Science Association and has more than 10 years of personal training experience. Telia trains and motivates everyday people from a sedentary lifestyle to a healthy active lifestyle.

Telia has worked in corporate America as a benefits manager assisting management in getting employees to be more proactive in obtaining healthier lifestyles through wellness programs. Because of her human resource background she realizes how vital healthy employees are to any organization’s mission. She offers training sessions and nutrition counseling to corporations and their employees to gain a healthier workforce and ROI.

A fitness enthusiast, Telia loves helping clients reach their fitness goals and has experienced great success. She resides in West Suburban Chicago and travels to clients throughout the Metro Chicago area. In addition to offering in-home training and corporate wellness services, she offers group training and motivational speaking services to churches and organizations that want to empower members to wellness.

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